For Corporates

Bring your presentations to life and Save them too. Multi Page Views, Import MS Excel/MS Word/PDF documents, record audio and screen as video.

For Schools

An exciting new teaching aid that augments current teaching methods and brings its own tools and content. A must for schools that want to take education to the next level. 2-D diagrams, 3-D diagrams, play movies and animations, grids, charts and much much more.

For Colleges and Trainings

Quite an advanced tool that records sessions, records audio of the trainer and video of what ever is being written, drawn and shown on the screen. Allows importing screens from other software and also connects to the internet for online training and reference material.

SaGa intelliboards are projector enabled IR based interactive boards for corporates, educational institutions, trining centers, polytechincs and where ever there is a need to get information and knowledge across to many people at the same time. The SaGa intelliboard software allows the presenter to use a variety of tools and even project any software on the screen. SaGa Intelliboards - Intelligent Educating.

Video Presentation

Watch how the SaGa intelliboard platform helps the trainer or teacher explain concepts in a much better and captive manner than a traditional blackboard.

Using the tools available on the SaGa Intelliboard platform, the trainer is able to elaborate the content and bring it into perscpective for the intended audience.

SaGa Intelliboard allows the trainers to interact with the trainees/students during the session, not having the need to draw or write the content as it will already be available on the screen. Moreover, these sessions can be recorded to be played later either on the SaGa Intelliboard or on any media player.